We keep service fees as low as possible. This typically translates to a flat fee of $0.99, no matter the cost of the ticket! $1000.00 ticket? Service fee is $0.99. $20.00 ticket? Service fee is $0.99. While the seller will often cover all credit card processing fees, on occasion, this fee will be separate from the list price. If you see a fee higher than $0.99 that's probably why. But still. These fees are the LOWEST IN THE BIZ.

Quickly. (Yes, that's obnoxious, but we've developed a simple, 2-step solution for all of our partners' white-labeled sites). Select your items, input a card number, and you're done!

If you're trying to change the email associated with a single order, click its "manage order" button on your account page! You can edit the pickup email and even resend your receipt from the same dialog. If you'd like to change your email address for all future communication, as well as for your login, you can do that at the top of the account page. Click on the existing address to edit.

If you'd like to change the name on your account, log in and click "my account" at the bottom left of the screen. Once you're on your account page, click the existing name and type away! Changing your account name also changes your default order pickup name.

If you're trying to change the name on just one order, click that order's "manage order" button on your account page! You can edit the pickup name through the dialog that pops up!

Your ticket will be emailed along with your receipt, as a PDF attachment. All tickets have a unique barcode which will be scanned at the door. There is no need to waste trees and print your ticket – our scanners can read barcodes off your phone screen. And even if you don't have your ticket, your spot will be honored via the venue's guestlist. If you're at the venue and confused, tell the person at the door that your name is on the presale list. If you have any trouble, feel free to shoot us a text!

Your remaining credit is displayed on your account page above your past orders. We'll always try to use your remaining credit before charging your card.

If you're on the website, you can review your past orders by clicking the "my account" link at the bottom left of the screen. There's a "resend tickets" link on every order!

Yes! Even if you don't share right away, you can press the facebook share link next to any order on your account page. We'll post on your behalf, and as long as it's within one hour of your purchase, you'll still get the discount.

Strobe only offers refunds in exceptional circumstances as detailed in our Terms of Service. Refunds are not granted except in the event of an event cancellation. If an event is rescheduled, we will ensure that your purchase remains valid for the new show and update your tickets for you. When an event is outright canceled (not moved or rescheduled), we will issue a refund for the full amount, including the service fee.